Soutien Scolaire Keepschool

Les pronoms 4

1) My brother, ... is a doctor, lives in Cardiff.
2) My brother, ... you met last Saturday, lives in Cardiff.
3) Our house, ... stands opposite the post-office…
4) The crowd ... was gathering on the pavement
5) The book, ... he wrote after the war
6) The book...he wrote after the war
7) The children ... were tired went to bed at once.
8) Traduire : «les quelques jours que j’ai passés...»
9) He is the most intelligent man ... I know
10) The friend... I play tennis with
11) John, ... father is an engineer, is good at maths
12) He told us many stories, ... were true
13) ... I liked best were the clowns
14) It all depends ... he intends to do
15) Listen to ... he is saying.
16) ... are you going to invite ?
17) I got a letter this morning. ... from ?
18) ... I need is a good dictionary.
19) Compléter : the reason…
20) All ... glitters is not gold
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